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Suggested Sutlers

Suggested Sutlers

This vendor list is for reenactors interested in improving their impression and looking for quality, accurate reproduction clothing and equipment. The vendors listed  were among the most commonly mentioned in the over twenty five vendor lists I have looked at.  Many of them have also been reviewed positively by the Watchdog. They are listed in no particular order. Whenever possible I have included comments by the Western Brigade, the Bully Boys, the 24th Michigan or the 2nd Wisconsin, Co A.  The clothing and equipment descriptions are from the Bully Boys and Rob Hodge.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of all their information nor does their listing here imply endorsement by the Holmes Brigade. By no means are the vendors below the only good ones out there but this should give you a good start.
Sgt Andy Cole

This is not a static list. Please let Andy or the webmaster know what experiences you have with these ventors: good, bad, or indifferent. Someone who produces good products today in their spare time, may suddenly run out of spare time. You don't want to send money and be waiting for delivery six months later. Nor does quality always stay the same. Let's make sure our list stays updated so it is a valable resource for the brigade. A good sutler should be reachable, produce a quality product, and deliver in a reasonable time.

Coats                                                Trousers and Drawers

Shoes and Socks                             Shirts and Suspenders

Hats and Caps                                  Leather Gear

Blankets and Haversacks                 Tents

Inside the Haversack                        Other Gear


Sutler Address List

   Source Websites

2nd Wisconsin,Co A: http://www.secondwi.com/acompany/company2.htm

(other web site previously listed are deleted due to bad links)