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Sky-Blue Trousers 

"A heavy weight sky-blue fabric with a diagonal kersey weave. Major features of these trousers are a thin waist band (1 1/2" in front, tapering to 3/4" in rear); narrow, four to six button fly; yoke in back; raised back; side pockets that start below the waist-band; right-side watch pocket; facing cuffs." (Bully Boys)  "Federal trousers were issued in four sizes only; 1 = 32 waist x 31 inseam , 2 = 34 waist x 32 inseam , 3 = 36 waist x 33 inseam , 4 = 38 waist x 34 inseam." (Hodge)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)

"Great line of contract trousers including J.T. Martin (best buy, but has machine top-stitching), Ansbach and Stanton (hand topstitched), and Steubenville (hand topstitched). Comes with correct stamped tin 4-hole trouser buttons. These come in only four sizes, so order carefully." (24th Mich)

Stoney Brook Historical Uniformers (Chris Sullivan)

"Excellent replica quality Schuylkill Arsenal, or William Deering patterns. Other patterns, including officer styles, are also available. Correct construction of back yoke, waist band and fly vent. Correct weight sky blue kersey (made by Pat Klein). High quality construction. Hand sewn button holes, correct four-hole stamped tin buttons. Comes with maker's stamps and sizing stamps. Chris also has a 24 hr turn around policy for re-tailoring. Watchdog Approved." (24th Mich)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)

"Inexpensive trousers, nicely detailed, wool is slightly thin, but not incorrect." (Bully Boys)

Goldberg Textile Co. (Pat Brown)

"Very high quality trousers that are approved by the Watchdog." (24th Mich)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)

"Excellent J.T. Martin contract pattern trowsers." (2nd Wis.A)

J. Blunt Clothiers

"Excellent `contract pattern' trousers." (Bully Boys)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)

"He has the very best kersy wool available. Correct weight, weave, and color. Different depot style available. Kits only." (W.B.)



"Issue drawers were made primarily with canton flannel. Wool knit, cotton flannel and wool flannel were also used. They closed with two tin buttons. There is no known correct pattern for issue knit drawers. While some drawers of the period were made from colored fabric, white or natural was more common." (Hodge)  "Make sure it's period pattern; raised back, legs extended beyond the knee, narrow fly and flat-felled seams. Button holes hand-worked. Hand sewn was most common but machine sewn is good." (Bully Boys)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)

"First rate period drawers at an excellent price. Heavy flannel, light cotton, as well as other fabrics." (Bully Boys)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)

"Correct military pattern of canton flannel. Hand-felled seams. Best value in drawers for the money." (24th Mich)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)