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So you think you want to be a Civil War reenactor? Do you like history? Are you interested in preserving our heritage? Then you may be interested in learning more about the Holmes Brigade. Read these pages to find out more about this living history organization.

Civil War reenacting is an exciting and colorful hobby. It is unique in its ability to step back in time, and enables a person to take their interest in this fascinating time period in American history to a new level.

The Holmes Brigade extends an invitation to you to become a member of the premier Federal Infantry organization in the Midwest, with over 120 members representing 11 states.

Membership is open to any and all individuals with an interest in living history. There are no minimum number of events per year which one must attend. Brigade membership is $15 per year, $5 for associate membership. Associates receive the Holmes Brigade Dispatch, but no voting rights, and no right to hold office. These dues pay for the newsletter and other Brigade operating expenses. There are no paid positions in the Holmes Brigade.

Do not feel intimidated if you have not reenacted before. Each member started somewhere and we want to help you in any way we can to make your transition into the hobby an easy and enjoyable one.

Equipment and Uniforms

The Brigade has a limited amount of equipment and clothing to loan out to new recruits. You are not expected to go out and buy everything just to try it out! Given adequate notice most individuals can be outfitted for the first few events. If you decide this hobby is something you enjoy and want to continue, you will want to purchase basic gear as soon as practical.

Check with a member for loaner equipment availability. Also, it is important to talk with a member before purchasing much equipment and clothing so they can help guide you in building an authentic impression.

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How much does it cost?

Basic clothing includes: sack coat, pants, brogans (shoes), hat or cap, shirt, socks, suspenders, etc. Range $300-500.

Basic equipment includes: musket, canteen, bayonet with scabbard, leather gear, haversack, blanket, poncho. Range $700-900.

Extra equipment can run up to $500 and more.

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Stuff you will NOT need for a Federal military impression:

  • pistol
  • sword
  • bowie knife
  • other non-standard weapons (i.e., shotguns)
  • Indian feathers, kilts, or other non-conforming clothing
  • gaitors
  • camp furniture
  • wall tent
  • bandanna (red, blue, or print)
  • excessive hat trim (i.e., regiment/company numbers)
  • green army blanket
  • modern glasses
  • all other 20th century stuff (i.e., wrist watches)

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Dues are $15 per year for full membership and $5 per year for associate membership. Dues are payable on January 1 each year and should be sent to:

Mark Olson, Treasurer

17900 Cheyenne Drive
Independence, MO, 64056

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Click here to download a Kinko's file format of the Holmes Brigade information pamphlet. This file can be printed at most Kinko's to make a production quality master.