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This page contains a sampling of photos throughout the years. It also contains links to events from specific years. Yet another link shows examples of the wide range of historical impressions that the Holmes Brigade is capability of fielding.

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 3_sisters.jpg (25418 bytes)                                Atlanta.jpg (96651 bytes)
3 "Camp Followers"                               Atlanta, GA
Glasgow, MO                                 125th Anniversay, 1989

 Chicka.gif (158779 bytes)                                  Ft_Larned.jpg (25140 bytes)
Chickamuaga, GA                                  Ft Larned, KS

Ft_Scott_in_Ranks.jpg (54208 bytes)                                     gburg_88.jpg (26234 bytes)
Ft Scott NHS, KS                                Gettysburg 1988
                                             A Patriotic Tableau, 125th Anniversary

Muddy_Shiloh.jpg (17885 bytes)                                 windsor.jpg (95507 bytes)
Shiloh, Muddy Shiloh                             Windsor, MO

Pr Grove Winter.gif (151178 bytes)                                 wpe1.jpg (51762 bytes)
Prairie Grove, AR                              Gettysburg 1997
Battlefield State Park

Baxter Sprgs 85.BMP (231726 bytes)                                     Osawatomie 86.BMP (1514466 bytes)
Baxter Springs, MO                                 Osawatomie, KS
      1985                                                         1986