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Lexington, MO Winter Qtrs   January, 2006

2006LexWinterGroup.jpg (419059 bytes)                             2006LexwinterCamp.bmp (2359350 bytes)
a non-public event                             Camp being built
next to 1867 original cabin

2006LexWinterDog1.jpg (446372 bytes)                             2006LexwinterDog2.bmp (2359350 bytes)
This deluxe winter dogtent had wallpaper inside and a "working" chimney.
It's the Willards of Lexington and accomodated 11 soldiers at one time.

2006LexWinterCabin.jpg (415572 bytes)                             2006LexWinterMessTent.jpg (442986 bytes)
Inside the cabin                                 The mess tent

2006LexWinterBuild.jpg (476720 bytes)
a gag photo of an officer doing work

Ft Scott, KS   April, 2006

2006FtScottChair1.JPG (425078 bytes)      2006FtScottChair2.JPG (460621 bytes)      2006FtScottChair3.JPG (349304 bytes)
"Death to all mountain man chairs" was the chant as the twilight
burning ceremony took place.

2006FtScottMeat1.JPG (46411 bytes)                             2006FtScottMeat2.JPG (34337 bytes)
Cook Maki adds his secret spicy sauce to the meat
before serving it to  deserving carnivorous officers.

2006FtScottOfficers.JPG (55881 bytes)                             2006FtScottTwidle.JPG (58030 bytes)
Capt Tom and Lt Racine                   Dave and Boyd (aka Twiddle dee dee and Twiddle dee dum)

2006FtScottTragic.JPG (38038 bytes)
Unfortunately, an original GAR member, who was visiting the ol' fort, tragically fell to his death
when he accidentally rolled his wheelchair down the tall stairs. Witnesses state several shouted
to him to stop, however, since he did not have his ear horn in place, the warnings literally fell
on deaf ears. He had also been imbibing to a robust degree.
This should be a lesson to all - do not drink and roll.

filming of Bad Blood (a PBS special)  
2006BadBlood1.JPG (879783 bytes)
            2006BadBlood2.JPG (969506 bytes)             2006BadBlood3.JPG (801328 bytes)

Ft Osage, MO    Memorial Day    May, 2006

2006FtOsageCamp.JPG (444391 bytes)                             2006FtOsageCamp2.JPG (452101 bytes)
This was a military timeline, featuring soldiers from different time periods.

2006FtOsageWWIIa.JPG (443074 bytes)                             2006FtOsageWWIIb.JPG (433550 bytes)
WW II, 101st Airborne

2006FtOsage3.JPG (439364 bytes)
3 different ol' farts from 3 different wars
(l-r, Span-Am, CW, Mexican)

Wilson's Creek, MO  June, 2006

2006WilsonsCreekGroup.JPG (46280 bytes)                             2006WilsonsCreekCamp.JPG (52782 bytes)

2006WilsonsCreekGuys.JPG (47344 bytes)                             2006WilsonsCreekTent.JPG (30154 bytes)

2006WilsonsCreekHead.JPG (49314 bytes)
It looks like the boys have had enough of Hig's
silliness and cut his head off in a basket. It's about time!

Carthage, MO  July, 2006

2006_Carthage.JPG (528821 bytes)                             2006_Carthage_Grp.JPG (481379 bytes)

Order #11   Raytown (KC), MO  August, 2006

2006Order11a.jpg (2287102 bytes)                             2006Order11b.jpg (2461777 bytes)

2006Order11c.jpg (2253611 bytes)                             2006Order11d.jpg (2206968 bytes)

2006Order11e.jpg (19228 bytes)
Enough of these traitors. Kick them out of the county!!!!

Camp Jackson, MO  September, 2006

2006_Camp_Jackson_1.JPG (744203 bytes)                             2006_Camp_Jackson_2.JPG (962354 bytes)

2006_Camp_Jackson_3.JPG (914813 bytes)                             2006_Camp_Jackson_4.JPG (932521 bytes)

Ottawa, KS  Veteran's Day parade and show/tell   November, 2006

2006OttawaParadeMaki3.bmp (2359350 bytes)                             Gnome.jpg (7461 bytes)
Maki took time out of his busy schedule as the Travelocity gnome
to make an appearance at Ottawa. It's great that he hasn't forgot his
ol' buddies just because he's famous now.

2006OttawaLH2.bmp (2359350 bytes)