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Yakima Tent & Awning Co.


Shelter Halves 

"Avoid tents with metal grommets, don't buy a triangular end piece, and look for 8 ounce cotton drill material." (24th Mich)   "...should be an early to mid war pattern and should be complete with bone buttons, hand-sewn buttonholes and hand-sewn grommets." (Hodge) 

Heywood Shelters

"This tent was reviewed as a very good product by the Watchdog, and includes the correct inspector's stamp which reads `Geo. F. Moulton US INSP. CIN'T OH'.   Reproduction bone buttons or original buttons." (24th Mich)

Artifakes (Don Rademacher)

"Makes a correct shelter half of correct weight cotton duck (lighter than Jarnagin), handsewn buttonholes, correct buttons, rope loops in lower corners, maker marked, correct size 66" x 65" as per originals." (W.B.) 

Haversack Depot (Phil Cavanaugh)

"High quality shelter tents." (Bully Boys)  

The Arsenal (Eric  Hector)

"This is another tent recommended by the Watchdog." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)

"Highest quality shelter tents." (Bully Boys) 


"High quality shelter tents." (Bully Boys) 

Trans- Mississippi Depot Co.

"Very reasonable shelter half kit or completed half." (2nd Wis.A)