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Sack Coat  

"This should be of lightweight, dark blue wool. Correct pattern with short rounded collars and faced lapels and cuffs. Four evenly spaced US eagle buttons should fit into hand-worked buttonholes. Sleeve length should be almost even with body length and sleeves should have small split to the rear of the cuff. Unlined versions should have all seams flat-felled. Lined versions should have a one-piece body lining of brown, gray, green, tan or blue wool or wool/cotton weave and a sleeve lining of muslin." (Bully Boys)  " The originals were only supposed to be issued in four sizes; 1 = 36, 2 = 38, 3 = 40, 4 = 42.  Lined sacks were issued 3 for every 1 unlined. If made from a Schuylkill Arsenal pattern then it should be completely hand sewn. If from the Cincinnati Depot or a New York contract a mix of machine sewn and hand stitching." (Hodge) 

John Wedeward
"Fatigue blouses of the period were made in four sizes, and the clear majority were lined, despite the statement in U.S. Army Regulations that lined sack coats were `recruit' coats. John makes an excellent replica of the J. T. Martin contract sack coat of 1864. Correct collar and cuff construction; correct tapered front stitching and two-piece back. Lined, with correct maker, inspector, and size markings. Sewn with brown or blue cotton thread (you choose) with hand-sewn button holes (button holes will be sewn with No. 10 logwood-dyed linen thread if desired). Critically acclaimed by the Watchdog as the finest replica sack coat available." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)
"High quality sack coats in many styles. You will want a lined blouse with a gray or brown lining. If you order the unlined variety, the cost is $15 more due to hand-felling of seams. Correct hand-sewn button holes. Coats are only made in four sizes, so order carefully! Highly recommended by the Watchdog." (24th Mich)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)
"Buy a sack coat kit and sew it together yourself or pay someone a nominal fee to do it for you. It comes with instructions. This is a fairly inexpensive way to get a good coat.  Please consider buying a lined coat. They were issued on a 3:1 ratio to unlined coats." (W.B.)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)
"Excellent lined J.T. Martin contract or unlined New York Depot fatigue blouse. Hand sewn buttonholes." (2nd Wis.A)

J. Blunt Clothiers
"Excellent lined or unlined fatigue blouses." (2nd Wis.A)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)
"Lined and unlined sack coats." (Bully Boys)

Stephanie Waldron
"Well made fatigue blouse. Make sure to mention hand-sewn buttonholes."  (2nd Wis.A)


Frock Coat

''Use extreme care when selecting these coats, as many are made incorrectly, and material and workmanship are too crude. The frock coat has a nine button closure, saxony blue piping on collar and cuffs of worsted wool cord or wool welt, padded chest, and back skirt pockets." (Bully Boys)  "Two button functional cuff. Brown or black polished cotton interior. White cotton lining for sleeves. Two small pockets in the skirt.... Issued with raw bottoms. They come in the same sizes as the sack coats."  (Hodge)

Goldberg Textile Co. (Pat Brown)
"Excellent quality infantry frock coat patterned after Schuylkill Arsenal original. Correct details, including welted piping and hook-and-eyes in the skirts. Lined and padded in the breast. Correct Schuylkill Arsenal markings. SA originals were completely hand-sewn; this repro has some machine sewing, otherwise it would qualify as a replica." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)
"For those who desire only the best, Mr. Daley offers his top notch uniform coat. Save up for this one. Contact Chris well ahead of time to verify if he is taking orders for uniform coats." (2nd Wis.A)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)
"Superior frock coats with higher grades of wool available at an extra cost. Ask about buttonholes." (2nd Wis.A)

Stephanie Waldron
"Excellent frock coats, but make sure to mention hand sewn button holes." (2nd Wis.A)



"Same material as the trousers. Single breasted. Five button front. Six button cape. Standing collar. Lined with heavy cotton, jean or wool. Single button adjustable strap in the back. Unfinished bottom. Sleeves should also be lined. Same sizes as sack coat."  (Hodge)

Stoney Brook Historical Uniformers (Chris Sullivan)
"Foot pattern overcoat with cape patterned after a Schuylkill Arsenal original. Machine-sewn; hand sewn button holes; 15 oz. sky blue kersey wool. High quality construction. Best overcoat available for the price." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)
"Proper federal contract foot-pattern overcoat in sky-blue kersey wool." (24th Mich)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)
"You can buy a kit for the finished price of an off the rack one from sutlers' row." (W.B.)

Modify a Jarnagin
"See Watchdog back issue on greatcoats." (W.B.)