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Eating Utensils 

"Period knives, forks, and spoons are available. Look for wooden handles and avoid silver, or stainless steel. Rugged silverware can be picked up at almost any antique store. Fork should be three-pronged as these were most common. A fork, spoon, knife set that slides together is a good item." (Bully Boys) 

Antique stores and flea markets

"Period patterns, including two, three, or four tined forks are still out there. Search for plain wood or bone handles on the knife and fork; lead inlaid handles are probably of post-war vintage. Spoons of pressed metal steel (not cast) with a `fiddle-back' handle feature are most desirable. Either tablespoon or teaspoon size is correct. Price is often the same as reproductions!" (24th Mich)

G. Gedney Godwin

"Maker of commercially available knife-fork-spoon combination set. Pattern is that of William H. Richards (Newton, Mass.) patent of July 23, 1861. Well-made, good gauge steel. Stamped `Gedney Godwin' easily filed off." (24th Mich)

John Zaharias

"Asortment of plates, cups, and flatware, both original and reproduction." (Bully Boys) 

Wendy Osman

"Offers neat original spoons, and an excellent copy of plate used by a Minnesota soldier." (Bully Boys) 

Upper Mississippi Valley Mercantile

"Will be supplying a combination knife, fork and spoon set with the spoon made of plain steal as per the original. Ask for the plain steel since the previous versions were made of an incorrect metal." (24th Mich)

Fall Creek Sutler

"Purchase only the best quality reproduction set or separate antique knife & fork." (2nd Wis.A) 

C & D Jarnigan 



"Plates should be tin. Avoid enamelware, and 'pie plates'.  A canteen half may also be used." (Bully Boys) 

Wisconsin Veterans Museum Store

"Only replica stamped plate on the market. A common style issued to Federal troops. Made of correct sheet iron hot-dipped and rolled. Matches four originals in the museum's holdings exactly. Pricey, but best documented, most authentic plate available today." (24th Mich)

Wendy Osman

"An excellent replica hot tin-dipped sheet iron plate with sloping sides soldered to a base, plus a triangular loop to aid in dip-washing, all per the original. By the way, the original belonged to a member of the 2d Minnesota, who claimed the plate went with him on the `March to the Sea'.  Workmanship is superb. Another commonly issued plate." (24th Mich)

C & D Jarnagin

"Reproduction canteen-half, pattern of 1858 smoothside, remains your best purchase choice. Functions as plate and frying pan. Ask if they will cut the spout-notch."  (24th Mich)

Village Tinsmith



"Tin cups, 8-20 oz. are the best size. Look for durability, as some cups sold by sutlers are flimsy and can be easily torn. Wire reinforcement on or in the handle is a good option." (Bully Boys)  

Wisconsin Veterans Museum

"Excellent reproduction of soldiers tin cup. Dipped tin." (Bully Boys) 

Wendy Osman

" `As issued' replicas of tall (4 ") or short (2 ") cups, your choice, made of heavy tin-plated sheet iron, with wired edges and hand-soldered construction. These are excellent `common' issue cups of the period." (24th Mich)

C & D Jarnagin

"Pretty good cups of various designs." (Bully Boys)

B & B Tinworks

"Carries good quality plates, muckets, cups, etc. Sold by John Zaharias. He sets up at most large events." (W.B.)

Village Tinsmith



Bleeding Fingers (Fred Rickard)

"Makes an excellent housewife...the example I saw came complete with needles, thread, an assortment of buttons, and patching material..." (W.B.) 

Lynn & Sarah Kalil

"Make an excellent housewife." (W.B.)  

Wendy Osman