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1858 Pattern Hat

"These should be made of a medium weight felt and should stand approximately 5 3/4" tall. The 3" brim should have a double row of stitching around the outer edge. A ribbon, 1/4" to 1/2" wide should be knotted around the bottom of the crown. Should have a 2 1/2" wide sweat band of black, brown, or maroon leather hand sewn into the crown. Black and gold label affixed in the top of the crown." (Bully Boys)

Artifakes (Don Rademacher)

"Undecorated Regulation 1858 Pattern Dress Hat (`Hardee' is a modern term) with correct stitched brim, crown ribbon, sweatband, and interior crown label. The best available...highly recommended." (W.B.)

TP&H Trading Co. (Tim Bender)

"Order the reproduced dress hat of Sgt. Philander Wright, Co. C, 2d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. A superior black hat reproduction by Mr. Tim Bender!" (2nd Wis.A)

Dirty Billy

"Some of his hats are ok, most are not. Must have correct liner, sweatband, etc. If you are not sure, don't buy it. He sets up at most big events." (W.B.)        

Adam Cecil

"Well retrofitted Hardee hat (you supply blank)." (Bully Boys)


Slouch Hat

"Another type of hat that can be worn is the `slouch hat'. This hat should have the sweatband sewn to the hat by hand and a period lining is encouraged. There should be a ribbon around the base of the crown as well as around the brim's edge (there are exceptions to this). The brim should be turned up at all times and as with the Hardee hat should be without trim unless the member is portraying an officer."  (Bully Boys)

Tim Allen

"Civilian slouch hats, available in black or light brown. All have correct liners and sweatbands, available in three styles appropriate for Federal use: `Beegum', `Flat Top', and `Stevenson'." (W.B.)

Clearwater Hat Co.

"Good source of civilian style hats. Can be found at most large events." (W.B.)

Dirty Billy

"Not the best, but better than average slouches and Hardee hats, buy in person, do not mail order." (Bully Boys)

TP&H Trading Co. (Tim Bender)


Forage Cap 

"Forage caps were made from medium weight broadcloth. Enameled chinstrap and visor. The early pattern has a small crown and rounded visor. The later pattern has a larger crown with a more square visor. On both models there is welt around the crown. Lined with brown or black polished cotton. Sweatbands are sewn by hand." (Hodge)

Uriah Clothiers (Paul Smith)

"Maker of superb forage caps...correct color and weight of wool, and correct liner. These are the best. Highly recommended." (W.B.)

Brad Keune

"Excellent replica standard issue forage cap. Excellent brim, materials, hand-sewn sweatband. Reasonably priced for a forage cap." (24th Mich)

Greg Starbuck

"If you want a correct kepi instead of a forage cap, this is the only maker I am aware of. Remember kepis, for the most part, were a non-issue item. If a soldier wanted one he had to go out and buy it himself. They are generally not preferable to a forage cap. You will occasionally see some of his caps at bigger events." (W.B.)