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Shoes & Boots  

"Any correct style federal issue brogan is good. Avoid the chunky toe `Frankenstein' look. Hobnails, double soles, heelplates, etc. are optional for a longer lasting shoe. Leather/rawhide laces. Civilian and military style boots are acceptable as well. Photographic evidence shows that these are almost as common among western troops as brogans. They are a bit more expensive, but add a unique authenticity seldom seen among infantry living historians." (Bully Boys)

Missouri Boot & Shoe (Bob Serio)

"Excellent replica shoes, in three styles. Sewn or wood-pegged soles. The optional, but popular heel plates let into the heel for an additional cost. Your hobnails installed if desired. Several styles of boots and canvas `sport shoes' available as well. They add some space in front of the toes for comfort since the front of the shoe will curl upward." (24th Mich)

MJN Boot & Leather Shop

"Highly recommended by The Watchdog.... An excellent Jefferson Bootee!" (2nd Wis.A)

Cedar Creek Supply Depot (Jim Lammers)

"A good looking bootee that is very durable." (W.B.)

Chris Schreiber

"The best there is." (W.B.)

 Robert  Land



"Wool or cotton. Hand-knit is best. Yarn should be a solid color so as not to produce an `oatmeal' color of the final project. (Hint: cotton was issued more often, but wool will keep feet better on a long march.) Avoid elastic!" (Bully Boys)

Kathy Kleiman

"Makes hand knit socks. Highly recommended. She gives 75% of all her earnings from the socks to historic preservation." (W.B.)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)

"Highest quality wool or cotton hand-knit socks in a variety of colors." (Bully Boys)

Evergreen Acres Farm

"Very good reproduction stockings made from their own wool and knit on an antique sock-knitting machine. Variety of period colors to choose from (cream, brick-red, dark green, dark blue, etc.) Wash first in WooliteŽ and cold water, as dyes run quite a bit. Sizes S, M, L, and XL (XL fits sizes 12 -13). Best value in wool socks available." (24th Mich)

The Sock Lady (Joyce DeMatteis)

"Excellent replica socks, hand knit and very reasonable prices. Specify wool knit stocking, federal issue." (24th Mich)

Mickey Black

"Reported to make excellent cotton socks copied from originals. Great if you want cotton socks." (W.B.)

An Uncommon Thread  (Betsy Packard)