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"Brown or gray US issue blankets weighing 4 to 6 lbs. are correct. These may or may not have `US' stitched in the center. Many other period blankets are acceptable, but the US types are best. Look for end-stripes on other blankets as they give a military appearance. Make sure the end stripes are woven into the blanket, not painted on."  (Bully Boys)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)

"This is one source for a good blanket. Correct weight, weave, color and length. Chain stitched `US' in the center. The gray blankets are big enough that you can wrap up in them head to toe.... You use your blanket every night of every event you go to. Get a good one." (W.B.)

Quartermaster Woolens

"The Abraham Thomas blanket is an excellent replica of a Federal Civil War blanket. This blanket is currently considered better than the Auggie Wiessart blanket produced by the Wisconsin Museum." (24th Mich)


"An inexpensive yet authentic blanket that appears to be very good. There is a limited run of only 100, so hurry. It apparently looks like a Thomas blanket, but is closer to US regs size (7'X 5.5') and weight (5 lbs). Yarn and stencil will be supplied for you to sew the US in the center." (24th Mich)

Fall Creek Sutlery and Levi Ledbetter

"Light brown `emergency issue' blanket at low price, this blanket has no stitching in the middle, but is still an acceptable blanket." (Bully Boys)  

Thistle Hill Weavers, Inc. 

NOTE: The highly recommended the Auggie Wiessart blanket produced by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Store is no longer available. The Abraham Thomas blanket by Quartermaster Woolens is also highly recommended. As of 8/8/00, there were 200 left. 


Gum Blanket   

"This rubberized blanket should be of correct dimensions with small brass grommets evenly spaced around the edge. Beware of large brass grommets. This blanket was used to protect one from the rain, the cold, and was often thrown on the ground to protect one from the dew while sleeping." (Bully Boys)

C & D Jarnagin

"A well made gum blanket with correctly sized grommets." (Bully Boys) 

Levi Ledbetter

"Occasionally has gum blankets with correct dimensions and grommets." (Bully Boys) 



"Machine sewn with flat-felled seams, painted black with oil-based paint (seeps through cloth slightly.) Most reproduction haversacks are too large, so check for correct dimensions. A cotton or linen inner bag with two or three hand-worked button holes may be included, buttoned to the inside of the haversack to keep foods seperate. Haversack should have buckle closure. Belt and buckle should be black. No stainless steel!" (Bully Boys) 

Artifakes (Don Rademacher)

"Makes the best haversack available. Handsewn buttonholes, hand felled seams, correct sling length, correct paper backed tin buttons on liner. Superb."   (W.B.) 

Haversack Depot (Phil Cavanaugh)

"Highly recommended by The Watchdog..... Excellent replica & price with a nice delivery time!" (2nd Wis.A)  

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)

"Replica `Ohio' pattern white cloth haversack known to have been used in the Western Theatre. Correct strap of different material, per originals. You will need to replace repro japanned tin button with correct 4-hole bone button. Unfortunately, no inspector marks." (24th Mich)

Owens Accouterments (James Owens)

"Also reported to make good Federal haversacks." (W.B.)  

Mike Thompson

"A federal painted canvas haversack of the first quality." (24th Mich)

Sam Haywood Knapsacks