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Civilian Shirt  

"Period pattern woolen or cotton shirt. Avoid floopy collars (2" max.) White is okay, but colored, striped and checked weaves are more common. Be careful when considering printed material in shirts. All seams should be flat-felled, buttonholes hand-worked. Military and civilian shirts can be machine sewn, but hand-sewn is very common in civilian shirts. Porcelain is best for button." (Bully Boys)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)

"Great hand sewn civilian shirts. Highly Recommend!  Primarily uses fabric from Family Heirloom Weavers." (2nd Wis.A)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)

"Machine sewn civilian shirts." (hand sewn buttonholes) (Bully Boys)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)

"Kits only. For those who only desire a pattern, try the `Henry Holliday' civilian shirt pattern. Good shirting fabric can be had from Family Heirloom Weavers." (2nd Wis.A)

J. Blunt Clothiers

"Excellent, completely hand sewn civilian shirts." (2nd Wis.A)

Bleeding Fingers (Fred Rickard)

"Excellent, completely hand sewn civilian shirts." (2nd Wis.A)

Salena Thrasher

"Has started to make shirts. They are top notch. Hand sewn details. Choose your own cloth and she will put it together for $20." (W.B.)

The Home Front (Janet Balthrop)

"Excellent shirts at very reasonable prices! Oilcloths too." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)


Issue Shirt 

"This is an item that is extremely under represented in the hobby today. To have a complete federal impression a regulation issue shirt should complete the uniform. Unfortunately there are many poor reproductions out on the market. The government specifications for this shirt are very particular about the weight of the wool, size (the shirt only came in one size)."  (Hodge)

Ted & Rachel Quednau

"M1851 shirt made of white mixed dommet cotton and wool flannel. Only one size is available as per the regulations and is comparable to a large. This shirt is highly recommended by the Watchdog. The common gray shirt is available as well." (24th Mich)

C.J. Daly Historical Reproductions (Chris Daley)

"Produces a contract variant shirt of gray wool-flannel, machine-sewn as per the original in the West Point Museum (be sure you ask for the gray wool-flannel). This kind of shirt was issued to the 33rd Wisconsin and other western troops." (24th Mich)

Historic Clothiers (Nick Sekela)

"Excellent federal issue shirts. Nick is offering a tan flannel contract issue shirt and a white domet flannel issue shirt." (2nd Wis.A)

Mrs. Eddins' Fine Sewing Emporium (Nancy Eddins)

"Excellent white domet flannel issue shirts using cloth from Family Heirloom Weavers." (2nd Wis.A)



"Avoid sutler-stock suspenders 90% of the time. Buckles must be correct period style. One can hardly go wrong with simple linen or canvas straps 1" to 2" wide with hand-worked buttonholes at each end. Avoid connecting the straps in back to form an X." (Bully Boys)

Chris Graham

"Superb replica suspenders (also known as `galluses' or `braces') in a variety of period styles made with replica two or three-tines buckles. Watchdog approved."  (24th Mich)

Bleeding Fingers (Fred Rickard)

"From period styles, excellent quality." (W.B.)

Uriah Clothiers (Paul Smith)

"Watchdog approved." (24th Mich)

Cedar Creek Supply Depot (Jim Lammers)

"Offers a correctly made basic set of suspenders." (W.B.)      

Trans-Mississippi Depot Co.

J. Blunt Clothiers