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This is a safety alert concerning CCI brand percussion caps. The National Park Service Midwest Region has prohibited these caps as they are dangerous. Injuries have been reported. The Holmes Brigade has been issued these caps at events in the past. As painful as it is - THROW THEM AWAY. It will be more painful if you blind yourself or the pard next to you.

To: All Historic Weapons People
From: Midwest Regional Coordinator Historic Weapons
Subject: Historic Weapons Safety Midwest Region,

Do to the severity of the possible immediate safety problem we are notifying all Parks in Midwest Region that NO CCI - manufactured caps may be used in this region. In the attached memos you can read the details for yourself. However you need to know that these caps are not to be used in this Region by any Park Volunteer or Staff. If you have any 6 partition caps from other manufactures bring it to my attention, only 4 partition caps may be used in this region.

George Elmore
NPS Midwest Region Historic Weapons Coordinator

Most retail black powder suppliers have these (including Wal*Mart) as well as most of the sutlers we deal with in the hobby. The caps in question are CCI brand and have a colorful label on the tin. We were issued many of these at an event some time ago. These caps are a 6 wing, soft copper unit that may splinter upon ignition. They are most often seen in tins of 100 caps.

The ol' stand remains NAVY ARMS Musket Caps. These are 4 wing, soft brass caps that hold together well. The second choice are the red label German caps although these are made from a more brittle brass and some of us have been injured by these caps fragmenting as well.

Insist on NAVY ARMS Musket Caps!
2Lt John Terry

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