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File: 14MAY65.doc
Path: My Documents \ Word Files
Subdir: Felkner
Source: SC2026, Felkner
Located: Wis. Hist. Society

                                                                                    Fort Scott Kansas May 14th 1865
My Dear Wife

            Your letter of the 8th inst. was received last night  I ought to give you a good lecture for not writing sooner for will recollect your last was dated April 9th, a month lacking a day; but upon consideration I have concluded to let the matter go until I get home and then give you a good scolding which I will probably do as soon as I get into the house.  So you can look out.  But really Sarah you ought to write oftener then once a month.  I wrote you at Warrensburg, a short note at Paola and have written you four letters since I have been at Fort Scott and in reply to them all you have only written this one letter.  Have you received all my letters.  You can hardly appreciate how much pleasure it gives one when away to receive letters from home, with how much interest one watches the arrival of the mail, how disappointed one is when there is nothing for him and how much brighter everything looks when one gets a letter or even a paper.  I have been looking day after day and week after week for a letter from you till at last I did not go to the post office, but last night Wille brought me a letter from you.  Well I feel glad I tell you I read it over ? thru or times before I went to bed and I have read it three times to-day. You need not make any apologies for badly written letters I assure you I can read all you will write.

There is some prospect of our being mustered out soon but there is no certainty about it.  I think we shall probably get out some time this summer or fall.  You must not expect it too soon.  Wouldn't it be nice to get home once more and be with you and Lill.  How many kisses will you give me if I come home in June.  When I get out of the Army I would like to look around and find some place to settle permanently where we could have a nice little home and fix it up to suit ourselves and I could practice law and earn a good comfortable living.   I don't think we had better stay in Ormo.   We can get a living there and that is about all.  I want to go somewhere there is more law business and a greater chance to make money and more than a better chance to become a good lawyer.  How would you like St. Louis.  What is your opinion and advice about it.  Write me about it.   I want to do what is best and most pleasant for both of us. 

I have just lighted my pipe and am having a big smoke.  I have got to be quite a smoker since I have been in the army.  I have whiled away many an hour smoking and thinking of you.   I am glad Mrs. Willcoe has returned on your account.  You really must have pretty good times and I am glad you are so pleasantly situated.  ?? must be pretty thick on the hill this summer.  Give Mrs. Dave and Dan my regards.  So you woman are really making garden.  Do everything in apple pie order I suppose.  The weeds will undoubtly suffer this summer. They ought to feel highly flattered to be pulled out of the ground by ladies fingers only. 

By the by, has become of the irrepressible Mrs. Beckwith.  I wrote to Saug last Sunday.  How is he getting along.  I should think he would almost get discouraged.  Martin said when he was at home he was looking badly.  Does Mrs. Mary Ann associate with common people now or does she still keep her dignity and ? the Blackburne family and Larraher tribe.  You spoke in your last of Alf's being away where has he gone.  How does the strawberry bed look this spring and the currant and raspberry bushes.  How does the pump work and is there plenty of water in the well.  You see I am going to ask you more questions than there is in a commission to take testimony.  How does working in the garden agree with you.  Are you any more fleshy than when I went away.  I am waiting very patiently for your photograph.  It will almost be like seeing you when it comes.  I hope it is on the way before this time.  I wonder if you have not written me a letter to-day and put it in. 

I am very glad that you and Lill are well.  You generally are pretty healthy except that pain in your back.  Does that trouble you much this summer.  My own health is pretty good.  On the whole better than it was by far than last summer.  I have been troubled more than ever before with the kidney disease.  I am much more fleshy and feel stronger than when I went away.   The weather is getting very hot here and I presume we shall have considerable sickness before long.  Ague & Typhoid fever are very prevalent here I am told in the summer and fall.  But perhaps we may get away before then.  A telegram came in to-day saying Jeff Davis had been caught.  I hope it is true and that they will hang him as soon as they can try him.  What has become of Murphy's folks.  I heard from some of the boys that Murphy and his wife had parted and that he had gone to California.  Is it true.  There have been no deaths in my Company since Raymond died at Milwaukee.  Albert ? had the smallpox and is now in the hospital at Paola doing well.  He had it very light.  No others have had it.  There are no sick in my company now.  The boys are making great calculations on going home soon.  Cady and all those you know well.  Henry the same as ever.  I am writing to you on the head of a barrel Sis and as my blunt is about out and it is getting late, I must close. 

Write as often as you can Darling and I will be most grateful to you and when I get home I will love you enough to occupy you for all extra trouble if your are willing to take your pay in that way.  I want you send me a kiss in your next letter you did not send me even one in your last.  Be sure and not forget it.  Kiss Lilly for me as ususal and tell her Papa thinks of her every day as he does ? often every day of her sweet mother and accept one good long kiss from you own