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File: 13MAR65.doc
Path: My Documents \ Word Files
Subdir: Felkner
Source; SC2026, Felkner
Locate: Wis. Hist. Sco.
                                                                                    Camp Washburn
                                                                                    Monday Night March 13th 1865

My Dear Wife

            Having got fairly located in what in military parlance are called "my quarters" I thought I would write you a letter and give you something of an idea of how I am situated.  Well "my quarters" consist of tow rooms in Camp which said rooms are got up on the same principle as our back kitchen only higher and are about fourteen feet square.  I have a stove in each room.  In the front room is my bed which is a square bunk made of boards and filled with hay.  My overcoat and two blankets answer for sheets, bedquilts, pillows &c.  I think I have slept on softer beds but then you know I always liked a hard bed.  Willie Reed is my clerk and he sleeps with me at present.  Willie is a good boy and I like him very much.  We board at the sutler's.  All eat with ones hat on. 

Col. Shear's has been absent a day or two and I have been in Command of the Regiment during his absence.  I told the Col. when he came back to-day that it was not much of a job to command a regiment.  Cady has his quarters with the Col.  He is well.  All the boys are well except a few that have colds.  I commenced to drill my Company to-day.  It appears rather awkward work.  It is so much different from what I have been used to but I shall soon get used to it.  Our Regiment is nearly full and we shall probably leave the state in about ten days.  The boys in my Company made me a present of a sword belt and sash that cost forty two dollars.  I suppose Henry has given you the details of everything so it will not be very interesting to you to have me write them. 

My health has been remarkably good since I have been here.  I am much healthier and stronger than I was two weeks ago.   Well sis nhow do you get along alone.  I think of you very often and wonder what you are doing and what new caper Lilly has found out.  There is nothing in the world like being at home with one's wife.  Sometimes it seems as though I must get on the cars and go home and see you and I would give almost anything to night if I could be set down in our sitting room with you and have you sit on my lap and put your arm around my neck as you used to.   Well Sarah maybe we shall love each other all the better for being separated awhile. 

It is a most terrible stormy night.  It snows rapidly and the wind is blowing great guns.  I have not seen a worse storm this winter.  I am going to try and come home Friday or Saturday night of this week.   I wish you could arrange it to have Hattie go home on Sunday so we could have one day all to ourselves.  Would not that be nice.  I ought to scold you for not writing to me but I won't this time but I will let you off provided you Kiss Lilly for me and accept one thousand kisses for yourself from your
                                    Affectionate Husband Charles