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File: 13APL65.doc
Path: My Documents \ Word Files
Subdir: Felkner
Source: SC2026, Felkner
Locate: Wis. His. Soc.

                                                                        Hd. Qrs. 48th Regt. Paola Kansas
                                                                        April 13th 1865

My Darling Wife

            We arrived here last night after a hard dreary march.  In less than an half an hour after I got here I had you letter in my hand reading it.  Oh how glad I was to get it.  I read it so many times I can almost repeat the whole of it.  My dear girl I thank you a thousand times for your letter.  We start this afternoon for Fort Scott sixty miles from here.  When I get there I will write you a long letter and give you an account of our march.  I have been acting as Major of the Regiment so I have had a horse to ride.  I shall ride through to Fort Scott.  Expect our Major will not be with us till we get there.  My health is good.  I am heavier and stronger than I was when I started.  I wrote you a letter from Warrensburg.  Have you got it.  I wrote in that letter for you to send me your photograph.  Do Sis send it as soon as you can and I assure you I won't let the "naughty folks" trouble me.  Now darling I would like to write you a long letter but we start right away and if I don't hurry I shant get this in the office so I kiss you and Lill and stop.  Can't you write me twice a week.  Do at least once a week.  And I will write you just as often as I can.  Good bye Sis


The boys from Omro are all well.